How to Rent

The three simple steps to use Kitarin!


By phone 


Tell us your name, your rental date, the number of bicycles, and your contact information. (If necessary, we may also ask your preferred bicycle model)



Reservations can be made here →「Internet Reservations

Online reservations must be made 2 days before your arrival; please be careful of your dates.

※We will contact you either by email or phone to confirm your reservation within 48 hours.
※If you are not contacted by our store after 48 hours, there is a possibility that your e-mail provider has blocked our e-mails. Please contact us by phone to confirm your reservation.


Come Directly to the Store

We have a limited number of bicycles, so please make your reservations sooner rather than later.

※There may not be enough bicycles when applications are made the day of. Please confirm by phone first.

Get the Bicycle

Fill out the application → present ID (licenses, etc.) → pay → bicycle explanation

※We ask for identification to prevent disputes.


Please return the bicycle within the rental time.


Cancellations/Changing Reservations

Cancellations made on the day of

We ask that you pay fees in full for cancellations on the day of. Cancellations made until the day before your reservation are free.


In the case of bad weather on the day of

There will be no need to pay cancellation fees. Please make sure to contact us.

※If we do not hear from you, we will ask for cancellation fees.


Changing Reservations

If you are changing the date of your reservation or making a cancellation, please make sure to contact us by the day before your reservation.

internet reservations