2018年8月1日午前7:00 ぶらタモリでも紹介された小樽運河と北運河の境目に来ています。幹線道路によって狭められた小樽運河ですが、ここ来た運河からは昔からの風情を漂わせています。旭橋、北海製罐、イカ釣り船、、、。やっぱり小樽っていいな〜。

きたりんさんの投稿 2018年8月1日水曜日

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※Prices in brackets ( ) are for those under 15 and over 65.
The C-Type is not available to those under 15.

Small tires and a compact body.
Great for riding around town.

Weight:17.6 kg
Minimum height requirements:137cm〜

>> Safety Insurance Details (paid by store)

A light aluminum frame with an easy to mount roof-style design.

Weight:16.4 kg
Minimum height requirements:153cm〜

>> Safety Insurance Details (paid by store)

An electrically assisted bicycle.
It is the first in the industry to motorize both wheels,
with a motor on the front wheel and a belt drive on the back wheel.

Great for a smooth ride.

Weight:25.6 kg
Minimum height requirements:143cm〜

>> Safety Insurance Details (paid by store)

Theft and Damage Insurance Set

internet reservations